Studio Rules

All rules are subject to change within a month's notice; except for rules that apply to firing fees, health and safety, which are subject to change without advance notice.


Refunds: Workshops are non-refundable this is due to the planning and purchasing of materials that takes place before each workshop is run. 

Missed Classes: If a student misses a class, they may take two extra open studio hours per missed class. Unfortunately our classes are always full so there is no possibility to join in another class to make up missed time.


Members are required to write down hours spent each day at the studio on the sign in sheet next to the front door. Members are allowed to use the shelves assigned to them according to the membership type purchased. Members recycling their own clay must use their assigned space to do so.


Prices: The price of the clay at the studio includes use of glazes and underglazes, and two firings (bisque and glaze). The price is $1.50/lb but may be subject to change based on hydro costs. Recycled clay can be purchased for $0.75/lb, or recycled porcelain for $1.00/lb.

Outside Clay: Only Level 2 members can bring in their own clay. They must pay for their firings and glaze use before using it at the studio. They must have their clay by the box  to a supervisor and pay $0.75/lb or $0.45/lb for slip. You may lose your privilege to bring in outside clay if you do not clean your stations well.

Material Left Behind

Work created during workshops or classes must be picked up within 45 days of the last class, unless alternative arrangements have been made with Neisha. After 45 days, the work will be thrown away. This also applies to clothing or equipment left behind at the studio when membership/classes are not renewed. Pieces that have not been labeled on the bottom will with thrown out if unclaimed after 10 days. Pieces created during classes that have not been claimed 6 weeks after the end of class will be thrown out. Members who discontinue their membership must take all work (and other possessions) home immediately, unless a prior arrangement with Alicia has been made.

Shared Equipment

Members who bring a wheel or other ceramics equipment (kiln, slab-roller, pugmill, etc.) to share receive a discounted membership price as follows:

Level 1: $63.00
Level 2: $115
Level 3: $215

Any equipment brought in must be for shared use, during open studio time and regularly-scheduled classes. Members who have brought in a wheel to share have the right to use their wheel during any scheduled open time. Wheel owners should give Alicia notice each month of any regular hours during which they intend to use their wheels, so that classes can be scheduled around these hours.

Only those trained to use the kilns and other dangerous equipment will have permission to use it. Any repairs needed due to regular wear-and-tear while the equipment remains at the studio will be covered by the studio.

Health and Safety

Members and students are expected to mop the floor space used during open studio hours and class time. This includes around the wheel area and around any table space used.

Members and students are expected to clean out their wheels and wipe the basin with a sponge so that the wheel is always ready for someone else to use it. Tables must also be wiped down so that no dust or pieces of clay are left. Coloured clay must be wedged on the separate counter-top piece labeled for coloured clay (this applies to level 2 members only).

Those mixing glazes must use the ventilation station with the fan on and wear a mask. The same rule applies to any sanding of pieces.

Supervised Hours and Key Holders

Members are welcome to use the studio during any open studio hours scheduled here on the website. The calendar may change up to a week in advance so please check it regularly. In the event of any last minute changes, members will be notified by email.

Key holders are expected to hold regular studio hours based on the commitment agreed upon with Alicia or Neisha. During these hours, key holders are responsible for letting members into the building (if it is locked), answering any questions about the functioning of the studio, and ensuring that members are following the rules of the studio.

These hours can be different each week as long as one-week notice is given to Alicia or Neisha so that the calendar can be updated. If the key holder needs to cancel studio hours due to unexpected circumstances (and is unable to find another key holder to cover their hours), s/he must contact Alicia or Neisha beforehand so that studio members can be updated.

There are only two copies of the building key (only needed to get in on weekends and evenings after 6pm). Those willing to hold studio hours on weekends will get these keys.

Keys may be revoked to give to a member of a higher level who is willing to hold open studio hours, or if the key holder cancels more than two scheduled studio periods in one month (this does not apply to schedule changes a week or more in advance), at Neisha or Alicia's discretion.